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Keynote Recruiter specializes in hourly recruitment -
an affordable and effective way to add / find the right talent for your business.

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Hourly Recruitment

Think of us as your virtual recruiter, providing hourly or project-based services when you need us.

Keynote's Different

You pay one service invoice covering all recruitment services by the hour. You don't payroll every individual contract recruiter.

Scalable & Affordable

For startups and established companies experiencing fast growth or unpredictable hiring in competitive talent markets.

Recruitment Metrics

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*First 3 months
KEYNOTE fill rate
KEYNOTE failure rate
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Need help with your hires?

We handle all facets of the recruitment process – from specification through to referencing and job offer – with a focus on quality sourcing and screening to ensure you properly assess and secure the best available candidate, in an active job market, for your business.

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It's about people, not transactions.

The Right Fit

Knowing your must-haves, nice-to-haves, understanding your company culture and team dynamic are all part of how we find the right people that fit your workplace needs.

A Deep Search

We leverage our AI-driven search tools and talent databases, social media, our personal connections - cutting edge sourcing tools and techniques - to find and screen relevant actively searching candidates.

Branding & Prospecting

In todays competitive talent marketplace, securing the right talent means presenting and representing a strong brand. We start conversations and spark interest with candidates about your business.

The Employee Lifecycle

Connecting our hourly recruiting services with our virtual CHRO, talent consultants and post-placement services is how we achieve a 97% success rate - it's our professional guarantee.

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