Keynote Recruitment Services

Our recruitment services are available independently or as a "start-to-finish" process. Flexible and scalable services charged by the hour.

Terms and Agreement

We agree on the plan, provide a time estimate and enter into a time and materials contract.

Stakeholder Meeting

This is about discovery – wo are you, who do you need and what the person will be doing. Fit is everything and this is our first step in understanding why someone will be successful working with you.

Project Launch

You are happy, you are confident we can deliver and you give permission to get started.
Day 1

Position Profile

As part of our outreach and marketing we build a profile of the role. This goes beyond a typical job description and speaks to success factors, the realities of the role and why someone should work for your organization.
Day 2

Ad Posting

We take the crux of the profile and run extensive job advertisements leveraging all the major sites and lots of free ones on your behalf.
Day 3

Active Sourcing

We start pulling off profiles of active jobseekers that line up with the needs of your role. These candidates, combined with applicants form a prospective list of candidates ready for next stage.
Day 4


A week in and we begin screening, we start with email exchanges to confirm interest before taking the top prospects into phone interviews and then the best of those make it to our shortlist. All shortlisted candidates then complete our psychometric tests.
Day 7

Interview Questions

We work with you to confirm the shortlist is accurate before building a custom set of questions, specific to your need and organization.
Day 8

KR Interviews

We now bring the shortlisted candidates in for interview and ascertain whether they have the skills, experience and fit to be successful with your organization.
Day 10


A shortlist of all candidates is provided with the top candidates that are the best fit for the position and your company.
Day 12

Interviews – your turn!

It is now over to you to meet the best 3-4 candidates and see who you want to hire. We will prepare you fully to ensure you have all the information needed to make an informed decision.
Day 13

Reference Check

Once you have picked your top person we do final due diligence and complete thorough references and any required background checks.
Day 14


Once we are all confident we have the right person, we manage the offer and you have yourself a new employee ready to contribute to the ongoing success of your organization.
Day 15

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